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Bretby Borders

Posted on. 22/01/2021

Bretby Borders is a start-up business. Owner Tracey needed to create awareness and business.

We started with a planning session and talking to existing and potential customers These insights informed the proposition, our key messages and a plan for just the right marketing comms.

These insights informed the proposition, which was very much about care. This came to the fore in the ethos of Bretby Gardens – not only about care in releasing the joy and potential in gardens, but also care in rejuvenating plants and care for their owners too.

A plan of marketing materials was developed, and working with Sarah on the design, the creative and key messages came to life.

With a limited budget, everything had to work hard.

Word of mouth is very important for this small business - both online and offline.

Most importantly – the approach worked, and immediately brought in the right kind of clients.

Tracey is now fully booked with a 2 month waiting-list and further plans to expand.