Designing marketing solutions for you

I create marketing solutions that meet your business objectives.

To make sure this happens, we step back a little and start with a mini audit or review.

I’ll then guide you through my proven four-stage process which ensures thorough and considered planning, and results in a robust solution. It means your budget is deployed as effectively as possible. And, you only do the things that are right for you.

Every project is different, so this process is flexible. We may dip into some areas whilst spending more time on others. It all depends on the task in hand.

The four stage process is below. As well as a process, it also shows the range of services I offer. It starts with understanding your customers – the most important focus for your marketing – and understanding your USPs. If you’ve already done this, that’s great. We can then move into developing your strategy and marketing objectives.

All this preparation is essential before starting creative or communications. It makes both your marketing more impactful and effective, and reduces waste.