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Marketing strategy: Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA)

Posted on. 03/02/2022

GRCA is a construction trade body. It wanted to increase the number of architects and companies specifying Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) as a product on builds.


One of the things the GRCA struggled with was knowing the customer based on real experiences. They needed ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ knowledge and information to base their plans on.

So, I started by talking to architects and stakeholders. And I found out what made the Association different too.

The findings revealed that architects knew all about the product and they liked it. However, they wanted to be inspired.

They also hadn’t heard of the Association and were confused about its purpose (was it a quality mark?). When presented with the GRCA website, the feedback was it was old-fashioned and confusing.


The GRCA website – before

Having real-life insights meant I could now give informed recommendations on the marketing steps to take.


  • Clearly communicate up-front the role of GRCA and their expertise.
  • Make all communications highly visual, uplifting and inspiring. Simplify them and SHOW how the product is used.
  • Create an awareness campaign, utilising SEO/PPC search, the website, exhibitions, emails and PR as the initial core elements to measure and refine.
  • Refresh the logo and bring in guidelines on its use.



The proposed GRCA website

proposed creative for GRCA website more inspiring


Brand guidelines with a new mechanic to ‘hold’ the logo to enable its use on complex backgrounds, and updated logo.



Note: GRCA handled all marketing communications in-house.