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Rebrand: ANTZ and CSR marketing

Posted on. 22/01/2021

In search of clarity and more effective marketing in the world of CSR.

ANTZ exists to drive social change. Yet its uniqueness is difficult for organisations to understand.

So while the founders first contacted me for help with their social media strategy, I believed that this was a second-level objective.

The more I understood the ANTZ offering, the more impressed I was. But the marketing and communications weren’t conveying this very well.

During the kick-off meeting, it became clear to all stakeholders that the issue was one of education: to provide clear understanding of exactly how ANTZ operates, and the benefits it delivers.

Our solution was to help articulate the ANTZ offering more clearly.

With a single-minded proposition, a brand that better represents who they are, and refined messaging to each discrete audience.

Helping businesses to improve profitability by helping people.


The original ANTZ logo.


A new look ANTZ, better reflecting the care and humanity to the services provided and flexibility of approach.

Just as importantly, we created the tools to spread their message more widely - from redeveloping their website to creating a suite of communication and presentation tools.

Now the team is clear on how to express their messaging to every audience – ANTZ is making significant headway with organisations both large and small.

Helping people and increasing profitability really aren’t mutually exclusive, and ANTZ and its clients are the living proof.